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Personal Online Shopper

When I traveled a lot, I rarely had time to shop so I thought about checking into one of those personal shopping assistants. I even went as far as making a phone call or two only to stop short of actually making an appointment because I was pretty sure there was no way I could convey my sense of style to someone who’d only known me an hour or less.

While I never followed through on requesting the aid of someone to shop for me, deciding in the end, it would clearly be a big waste of time and money, I did become enamored with online shopping because of a demanding job and limited time to shop. And after a couple of years of searching site after site, I stumbled on one site that seemed to fill the bill for me. On one site, I could actually communicate my taste in clothing and my sense of style and come up with results that I actually liked. And I didn’t have to pay anybody anything . . .

For lack of a better description, Shop It To Me is a free, personal online shopper. You simply log on to the site, check off your favorite designers (Adianna Papell, DKNY, etc.), input your clothing sizes, and the powerful search engine that drives Shop It To Me does the rest!

Once you have your preferences nailed down, you select the types of email alerts you want to receive (you get them only as often as you request), and you’re notified of the latest markdowns, secret promotion codes, and VIP sales events. Your personalized Salemail™ becomes a trusted personal cyber-shopper.

Shop It To Me is free and because you only look through the things you like and want, you save money rather than making that desperate purchase just because you need the perfect white blouse to go with that Donna Karan skirt you got on clearance six months ago. The Salemail™ gives you a heads up on sales and special offers, in one convenient email, so you’re not forced to go from store to store, scrounging through a sales bin only to find that there are 42 Vera Wang blouses that are the perfect match for the Donna Karan skirt but none of them are in your size. offers a similar concept known as My Perfect Sale, but the merchandise on this site is a little more upscale. The site is a leading shopping search engine for designer apparel and accessories. amasses hundreds of designer brands from just as many stores to bring users the most comprehensive, online shopping experience sure to give Internet fashionistas the most up-to-the minute insight into what’s in style and more importantly, what’s on sale.

Like Shop It To Me, shoppers can also sign up for My Sale newsletters once they’ve built the perfect sale. Both Shop It To Me and My Perfect Sale show a list of items that retailers have recently placed on sale. One thing unique to My Perfect Sale is that you’re able to see how many times an item is reduced, so if you don’t mind gambling on whether the item will still be around when it hits bargain basement prices, you may be thrilled by this little feature.

Once you click on an item, you are taken directly to the retailer’s website where you make the purchase directly from the merchant. Shipping charges and returns are handled directly from the retailer as well, so make sure to check the seller’s policies before you make a purchase.

If you’re the type who likes to share your shopping savvy with your friends, Shop It To Me will reward you with gift cards to a variety of stores. My Perfect Sale has weekly giveaways accessible only to their members.

It only takes a few minutes to sign up for your free Shop It To Me account and My Perfect Sale accounts. Just complete a few check lists to enable the sites’ search engines to seek out your preferences in women’s, men’s or kids’ clothing (or all three); select the brands and designers you love, input sizes and choose the frequency of your personalized emails. Before you know it, you’ll be amazed at the unbelievable deals you’ll find in your inbox!


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