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For your convenience, many common questions are answered in Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) area. Please review our FAQs now if you haven't done so already. Here are the two most asked questions:

How soon is cash-back credited to my account?
While most merchants provide a report in just a few days, others may take up to 3 weeks from the SHIPPING date. As a result, the transaction will not show in your account until we receive the merchant report. Please wait at least 3 weeks after your ENTIRE order has been shipped to see your money in your transacation history. After 3 weeks if you still don't see anything, please send us the complete order information to

When can I get my ShareMyDeal cash-back?
Depending on the merchant it may take from 91 to 121 days. Because merchants typically have 90 days to reverse a transaction in case product return takes place. During this time your account will show "Pending" for the cash bach associated with this transaction. Some merchants take longer than others to pay us, and we would not have the fund to pay you until the commission fee is sent to us after the 91 to 121 day period. When the money is in your account, it will show that you have an "Available Balance" You can then request payment.

Check out our full list of FAQs for more questions and answers. Or email us at If this is a cash-back inquiry about a particular transaction, please make sure to provide User ID, Click ID and the Order Confirmation Email and we'll email you a response within reasonable period of time.